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Many people defined a comrade as a person that fully involved himself in issues like politics and Alutarism movement.

1- To me a comrade is a person that have the calibre mind of changing the negative thinking or attitude of a person or group of people living in his environment.

2- You participates in the environmental sanitation of our community you’re a comrade.

3- You helps in the movement of fighting drug abuse in your environment and You helps the needy ones with the little you have you’re a comrade.

4- You fight against human trafficking and prostitution and You stand up for the privilege of the less privileged you’re a comrade.

5- You participates in movement of ensuring proper peace, unity and progress you’re a comrade.

6- You participates in ensuring proper and standard educational system in our community you’re a comrade.

7- You Obeys our environmental rules and regulations you’re a comrade.

8- You obeys our elders, parents, leaders, Clerics, cultures and ethics you’re a comrade.

9- You donate, tender, proposed, brought something for the progress of our community you’re a comrade.

10- You guide, protect, support, sponsored and assist the up coming generations of our community you’re a comrade.

11- You fight against cultism, iliteracy, poverty, unemployment and thuggery you’re a comrade.

12- You don’t struggle for politicians, Elders, Cleric’s self interest you’re a comrade.

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