How could be Neom City?

Neom could be $500 billion city-state or another colossal waste of wealth.

Here are some highlights from the WSJ’s report:

Cloud seeding: The planned site for Neom sits on the coast and is surrounded by desert. In order to create a temperature climate, cloud seeding could be used to make it rain.

Dystopian surveillance: In the city of the future, cameras, drones, and facial recognition will be ubiquitous. The aim is only to keep citizens safe, of course!

Genetic-engineering: Neom would host a genetic-modification project of some sorts. The WSJ quotes plans from Japanese tech giant Softbank to create “a new way of life from birth to death reaching genetic mutations to increase human strength and IQ.”

Robots everywhere: Robot “maids” would do your chores for you; robot cage fights would be staged for your amusement; and an amusement park full of robot dinosaurs would make for a fun day out at the weekend.

Flying taxis: “I don’t want any roads or pavements. We are going to have flying cars in 2030!” said Prince Fahd bin Sultan, the region’s governor, in a planning meeting. Another planning document reportedly read: “Driving is just for fun, no longer for transportation.”

Fake moon: Details are unclear in what is already an incredibly hazy report, but apparently there have been proposals for a fake moon, which could perhaps be created by a fleet of drones or involve live-streaming images from space. Sure!

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